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Aug. 16—ELIZABETHTOWN — Anyone looking to start a new small business or grow an existing one in Bladen County might be eligible for a loan through Bladen's Bloomin' Agri-Industrial, thanks to a sizeable contribution from the Bladen County Board of Commissioners recently.
Last month, the county approved a total of $200,000 in American Rescue Plan Act monies to be given to Bladen's Bloomin' in an effort to spark small business loans.
"Bladen's Bloomin' has been doing small business loans for 30-plus years," said Bladen County Economic Development Director Chuck Heustess, "but historically, they have been for industrial development."
He added that, over the last 20 years or so, economic development has morphed into different things in different areas, and attracting small businesses are now a big effort.
With the money received from the county's ARPA funds, Bladen's Bloomin' will now be offering small business loans up to $50,000 — though Heustess said most of the loans will be $25,000 or less.
"I'm thinking we will be giving more of the $5,000 and $10,000 loans, he said.
"The county has been getting more into the small business area, and this is a dabble into that effort," Heustess added.
The loans will be steered toward female- and minority-owned businesses, those going into a downtown revitalization effort and those that are for high-demand service groups like plumbers and electricians.
Heustess said the loans will be longer than those offered by commercial entities and will have fixed rates.
"We want to start up and grow small business, not maximize profit," Heustess said.
Applications, which initially will be requested in letter form, are available now by calling 910-645-2292 or emailing to
"The initial step is very brief with basic information to start," Heustess said. "The (Economic Development Board) may request additional information later.
"I think we will find out a lot more with a letter of application than a straight question and answer application," he added.
As applications are received, the board will review each one individually before making a decision.
W. Curt Vincent can be reached at 910-862-4163 or
"Programs and officials would have been notified," former DOJ official David Laufman said of Trump's claim he declassified all the Mar-a-Lago docs.
A word to the wise: "Chips and salsa" doesn't mean the same thing everywhere.
The right has used this phrase for others, but doesn't think it should apply to them.
For the first time after two decades of swirling allegations, R. Kelly’s former goddaughter has taken the stand as a prosecution witness in a case against the disgraced singer. Dressed in a white blazer with her hair in long braids, the woman, now 37 and testifying at Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago under the pseudonym “Jane,” told the jury she had sexual contact with Kelly for the first time …
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Frederick Woods, now 70, was 24 when he and two other men kidnapped 26 school children and their bus driver in Northern California and buried them.
Cheney releases recording of her call to Harriet Hageman, conceding her loss in the Wyoming US House primary on Tuesday
"There's no way Trump wrote that," said "The Daily Show" host.
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Trump had a habit of keeping documents if he thought "something was cool" or it was "personally advantageous," Haberman said on a podcast.
When someone fully and completely embraces a public life, there really are no personal issues. That dynamic is becoming abundantly clear with Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Brady, who has fully embraced and cultivated a platform that has resulted in the aggressive pursuit of multiple business interests, has had his football career plunge into mystery with [more]
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Officials decided to request a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago after new evidence emerged about classified information kept there, the NYT reported.
The Trump-backed Wyoming winner insisted on Fox News that Cheney left a "two-second message" that didn't concede the election, then hung up.
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